Frequently Asked Questions

Admission Decision Home Page

1. I typed my username and password and cannot connect to the site, what should I do?

Make sure you are using the username you received when you activated your Brown account, along with the password you selected. If you are having trouble connecting, please contact our IT Service Center at 401-863-4357. Office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:30AM to 8:00PM (ET).

2. After I activated, I typed in my username and password but I get an authentication error?

Try resetting your password by using our automated online password reset. If you are presented with a security question which is blank, or you are unable to use this online method while using one of our supported browsers (Minimum recommendations are Firefox 3.6 and above or Internet Explorer 7 and above) then you must contact our IT Service Center at 401-863-4357. Please note that phone lines will be busy during this time of year. Please also note that, due to FERPA laws, we can only assist the applicant with account issues.

3. I have logged in successfully, but am now unsure of where to go to check my decision?

Follow these steps:

Click on the "View your admission decision" in the main menu.


Step 1: Click on the Applicant and Student link
Step 2: Click on Review my Application(s)
Step 3: Under Admission Term, click on Fall 2017
Step 4: Scroll mid-way down the screen to find the Decision "Click Here" button.

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